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creamy avocado zucchini noodles

Creamy Avocado Zucchini Noodles

Light, green and lean, these creamy avocado zucchini noodles will be your new vegan favourite! Zucchini noodles, aka ‘zoodles’ are our new favourite thing! I recently became the owner of a spiralizer and I AM COMPLETELY SOLD! Seriously, no one ever told me spiralizing was so fun! There’s just something so exciting about seeing the…

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salty & sweet quinoa granola

Sweet & Salty Quinoa Granola

This sweet & salty quinoa granola is perfect for a quick breakfast on the go! Packed full of delicious, whole foods like almonds, seeds, granola & oats, it’s our new morning favourite!  I had one of those moments earlier. As I was tucking into my rice and chicken fajita bowl (recipe testing dinner of course!)…

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4 ingredient mixed berry smoothie bowl

4 Ingredient Mixed Berry Smoothie Bowl

4 ingredient mixed berry smoothie bowl? say what now? Yep.. it’s true. Yep… it’s delicious!  I love a good smoothie. There is nothing quite like nailing the perfect smoothie combination and just thinking ‘yeah, I got this, I can be healthy, pretty much nailing life’. There’s just something about a smoothie that makes you feel…

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