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According to experts, a double mutant COVID variant has been discovered in California

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double mutant COVID variant
double variant california

 According to experts, a double mutant COVID variant has been discovered in California

The variant, which was first found in India, could be more infectious than its predecessors. Experts believe the new vaccinations would be successful in combating it.

Another strain of the coronavirus has been discovered in the United States as the race to vaccinate Americans against the virus begins.

Let's put the pieces together

COVID version with two mutants

India was the first place where this so-called double mutant mutation was found. As you would expect, this strain has two coronavirus mutations.

The mutations have previously been seen in various forms; one is identical to a so-called California version, while the other was discovered in Brazilian and South African variants.

A patient in the San Francisco area was diagnosed with the first case of this double mutation in the United States.

It may be more infectious

These mutations, according to experts, make the variant more infectious. This is because both aid in the virus's attachment to cells.

The presence of the double variant was first discovered in India in March of this year, and cases are now on the rise in the region.

In one hard-hit Indian province, the number of cases has risen by 50% in just one week.

Political officials, on the other hand, argue that the current variant isn't actually to blame, instead of blaming massive crowds.

Vaccines are expected to function, according to experts
While further research into this double mutant mutation is required, experts are optimistic that current vaccines will be successful against it.

In the lack of hard evidence, they claim that the vaccines target the same mutations seen in other varieties individually. 

However, the appearance of these novel variants of concern underscores the need for widespread vaccines to prevent the proliferation of new mutants, according to health authorities.


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