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 Welcome to the Public healthy pears blog

Hello and welcome to you, dear visitor, you are now on the health and nutrition site and everything related to beauty and fitness. This site talks about therapeutic nutrition and how to lose weight and lose obesity that causes diseases and psychological problems

It is said that health is the wealth of a rational person, because it is the most valuable thing he possesses, which is safety and wellness from disease, and it is the natural state of the body that enables us to go about our lives with happiness and comfort. On him throughout his life. 

Health is of great importance, as a healthy and healthy person in his body can accomplish and achieve his goals, and he can easily and easily practice his daily activities, in addition to his ability to be a good member of his community and help in its development, just as a healthy person relieves himself of the burdens of hospital visits and the price of medicines, Rather, he can spend this money in other ways in which he is useful, and when everyone cares about his health, society advances because what the state would allocate to treat epidemics and diseases will be invested in developing other areas.